Photo of 118 Year Old Woman And Her Great Granddaughter Go Viral


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A twitter user by the name of Thandeka Zulu shared a photo of a 118-year-old South African grandma posing with her great-granddaughter and the picture going viral with many awed by the woman’s longevity.

A lot of the people who reacted to the photo had nothing but good things to say about the pic, which they thought was beautiful.


Some of the reactions:

@mr_tuggz: Yoh. Imagine the knowledge, the stories, the memories. What a blessing! We celebrate my grandmother’s 83rd next month. They continue to set the standard for us. Heroes.

@bluerayjones: May God bless us with this much life! Your grandmother is an inspiration, may God continue to bless her heart.

@clyde_mad_on_do: The first 19th Century babe! Born in 1900! The only person ongena ntanga! Babes Weminyaka! The one who looks at Winnie athilomntwana umama kabani?’

@bigassafrica: Super powerful share! Guinness Book of records says Jeanne Louis Calment is the oldest lady who has ever lived died at 122. Pray your grandma lives past 122 so she can snatch this record!

@riquelme1010: Glory to God for such a long lifetime spent on this earth. God is wonderful. Even Moses died at 120 and His eyes were not dim so you can believe God for continuous strong & healthy body for your grandmother

You can check out the photo below

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