Photos: Man dies from electrocution while charging and using earphones

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A man from Thailand has just lost his life to electrocution. He was said to have been listening to music through his earphones and simultaneously charging his mobile phone.

Police report that the victim, Kristsada Supol, who was only 24 years old, was lying lifeless on his mattress while his Samsung device was still plugged in a socket.

Police also reported that when his body was assessed by officers as well as the owner of the property, there were signs of burns around his ears

The Sun Uk equally reported that kristada was most likely listening to music or making a call because the microphone region of his earphones was still attached to his mouth.

Photos: Man dies from electrocution while charging and using earphones

While addressing newsmen, a Phan Thong provisional Police station Captain, Jaleuk Polthong also insisted,

‘We believe a short circuit caused his death while he was on the phone with someone or he was listening to music.’

Policemen at the scene subsequently explained that the 24 years old factory worker was using a low-quality charger and that must have been the reason for the electrocution.

Polthong further stated, ‘Many people could be in danger if they use cheap charging adapters which are not manufactured from the authorized company.

‘It looks like the victim was electrocuted but the body will be sent for an autopsy to confirm the exact cause of death.’

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