Racist Football Fan Beats Nigerian Immigrant To Death In Italy

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A Nigerian asylum seeker in Italy has been gruesomely murdered by a racist football fan.

The Nigerian man identified as Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi was yesterday attacked in the city of Fermo, Italy where he was left in a coma due to the attack.

Reports from local authorities revealed that the Nigerian asylum seeker who had fled to Italy after his family was attacked by Boko Haram members in the North Eastern part of Nigeria was beaten to death with a ripped out road side pole by a violent football fan.

A source said: “A few asylum seekers were hosted at the local Catholic mission, and apparently that town and that area is not new to episodes of intolerance and racism.

“The guy who is allegedly responsible is notorious in town for his racist views. According to the local priest who hosts the refugees, he calls every African a monkey. It is shameful that this has happened in my country.”

According to the police, the deceased was beaten to death by the violent 40-year-old football fan after he had insulted Nnamdi’s wife calling her an ‘African monkey”.

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