Photos: Resort Offers Full Package Including Spa Days, Horseback Riding And Prostitutes

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A Colombian brothel famous for the packages it offers is branching out into a new related line of business as it is poised to launch its “holiday sex resort’.

The brothel’s resort, ‘The Good Girls Sex Resort’ in Cali, Colombia is famed for its packages which includes provision of a typical vacation but with added spice which allows guests at the resort to buy time with local women for the night.

Guests seeking a fun holiday can check into the resort which offers activities which include horse-riding, golf and an added icing on the cake for fun lovers, threesomes and room service from escorts.

The packages offered by the resort ranges from $599 per person a night to $1,499 a night, depending on what is being offered.

The resort in a message on its website wrote: “Good Girls is a resort where you are attended by the most beautiful Latin women, who will be your guardian angels for as long as you decide.”

“At Good Girls our goal is to turn your fantasies into reality.”

“Your companion will please you and treat you like a king.”

The resort in order to prove it is worth your money further released a racy video showing off a day in the life of a would-be guest.

The packages include a basic “Overnight Package” costing $599 per person and offering guests the company of a “Good Girl” overnight along with a room in the main resort villa.


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For the more expensive offer which costs an additional $300, guests on the “Bronze Package” get free food and drink, a private villa, access to parties and tours.

The Silver package which costs $1,199-a-night adds a spa pass, golf and a threesome experience to the existing offers while the top package which costs $1,499-a-night, the “Gold Package” throws in two girls for 24 hours, an executive villa, a VIP nightclub experience, a bottle of Champagne, and an aerial city tour.

The resort on its website describes the Gold package to read: “Enjoy the best exclusive trip for three, you and two girls as your loving girlfriends, being always the first in services, attention, and events.”

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