PHOTOS: War Chief Commits Suicide In Court After Bagging Jail Sentence


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When things don’t go people’s way, they throw a tantrum sometimes– perhaps break a few things, but this Bosnian War chief took it a step beyond– he poisoned himself.

Not only did he poison himself, he did it while still in court.

The Bosnian-Croat warlord, Slobodan Praljak, was standing trial at the Hague for his involvement in a campaign to drive Muslims out of a would-be Bosnian Croat mini-state in Bosnia in the early 1990s.

In a bizarre protest of innocence, Praljak screamed out in court, saying,  ‘I am not a war criminal!’ before downing a dark liquid which later turned out to be poison.

‘I just drank poison,’ he added. ‘I am not a war criminal. I oppose this conviction.’

This came just seconds after losing his appeal against a 20-year prison sentence.

His lawyer shouted, ‘my client has taken poison’ which prompted the court to close down.

Ambulance crews were on the scene in a matter of minutes with several emergency rescue workers on hand to sort things out while court officials called for calm.

A spokesman for the tribunal confirmed he died after ‘he drank a liquid while in court and quickly fell ill’.

Check out photos of the incident below.




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