Plane Forced to Divert In Mid-Air After Wife Discovers Husband Cheating


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A plane travelling from Doha to Bali had to make an unscheduled stop after hell broke loose in the cabin.

The cause of the commotion– a woman had just discovered that he husband was cheating on her.

The Iranian woman who was travelling with her husband and son took charge of her husband’s phone after he had fallen asleep and on the phone found incriminating evidence of his infidelity.

The enraged woman worked up a storm, hitting her husband and raising hell in the plane. With the pilots unable to calm things down, it was decided to make an unscheduled stop in the southern Indian city of Chennai.

The family was deplaned and the journey continued.

According to a security official; “The family spent the day at Chennai airport and was sent to Kuala Lumpur by a Batik Air flight. No police action was taken,”

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