Playboy Fraudster Arrested For Swindling Female Politicians, Claims To Have Been Intimate With 13 Of Them

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A playboy with a penchant for scams, has been arrested after a manhunt that lasted almost 2 weeks, for his role in scamming a number of high profile Kenyan legislators, senators, cabinet secretaries and others.

Benson Chacha of Kenya is the main suspect in a fraudulent venture involving fake M-Pesa accounts registered in the names of MPs and used to solicit money. Several MPs and other VIPs were duped into sending money in the belief they were responding to distress calls by their colleagues.

Chacha also claimed to have been involved romantically and sexually with no less than 13 female politicians and it is believed that he used this influence to run his fraudulent operation.

He is reported to have used the name of Murang’a Woman Representative, Sabina Chege, a Kenyan politician, to solicit for funds from fellow MPs and other politicians.

He had fled to Tanzania where he planned to then make his way to Zanzibar where he had already rented a house.

Chacha claimed to be in the possession of CCTV footage of his trysts with the female politicians, a claim which one of the alleged lovers, Chege, has denied, even going as far as to dare him to release it.

She said during an interview with Hot 96; “I’m waiting. Because, let me tell you, I will not be intimidated. When I spoke about it in Parliament and I asked the Speaker that I needed to make a personal statement, one, it is because I can tell you I have never had any personal contact with Chacha,”

“With the kind of relationship we are talking about, if Chacha had videos, he would have released them,” she added.

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