Pogba was Never Manchester United’s Vice-Captain- Mourinho


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The Mourinho/Pogba saga has taken another turn for the worse as the Portuguese manager claims that the World Cup winner was never Vice-Captain

This is odd as he had said a couple of days ago that the Frenchman was ‘stripped’ of his ‘second captain’ armband.

The relationship between the two is at a point where it is unsalvagable and it is increasingly likely that one of the two would have to leave for peace to reign.

Pogba wore the Captain’s armband for the first couple of games for the season, but it was suggested by Mourinho earlier in the week that he would not be captaining the side anymore.

The coach now says that the World Cup winner was never the vice-captain to begin with

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“Paul was not the vice-captain.” he said

“We had Valencia as the captain and then we had a group of players that could be the vice captain – one day I gave it to David de Gea, I gave it to Ashley Young, to Chris Smalling.

“I first thought about Paul last season, because [he is] a player of a different generation, younger player, the captain of the future.

“Because Valencia, Young, they are more or less the same age, the same generation. But he [Pogba] was not the vice-captain, so now we don’t have the vice-captain.

“Now it depends on the match, and depends on if Valencia is playing or not.

“If Valencia is playing, Valencia is the captain. If he is not playing, I will try and go in another direction.”

As for the drama surrounding the club affecting their performances on the pitch, Mourinho is certain it will not.

“I expect to play very well tomorrow – we have worked very well, especially Wednesday and Thursday, so tomorrow I expect a very good performance and I expect to win a very difficult match.” he said

“I don’t come here and say ‘the training session was not good and I have a bad feeling and I have a feeling that tomorrow we are not going to play well and we are not going to win’.

“I think tomorrow we are going to play very well, and I think we are going to win against a very good opponent, an opponent with great investment, with a champion manager (Manuel Pellegrini), and lots of talented players.

“Very difficult but I am very positive.”

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