Pogba’s Dab Used As Maths Question In School

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The Dab has become the goto pose for premier league star Paul Pogba.

The dance move which originated from the hip hop scene involves the dancer dropping his head while raising his left arm and right elbow in a sneezing motion.

Paul Pogba, who is now on the books at Manchester United, has become so synonymous with the move that his actions have become a subject of a math question in his home land.

The question reads, “Christiano Ronaldo is jealous of Paul Pogba’s dab, then tries to prove it is not perfect.”

Students are required to workout whether the two triangles formed by Pogba’s shoulders and arms can be considered perfect by the rules of Pythagoras theorem.

Pogba, having approved the question, tweeted on Tuesday: “The dab is useful, am I approved? #maths”

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