Police React to Offa Robbery


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In the aftermath of the dastardly Offa robbery which claimed the lives of many including police officers, the Police’s Spokesman Mr. Ajayi Okansanmi revealed that they lost 9 men in that operation.

There has now been a heavy discourse about security in the state with Senator Bukola Saraki condemning the act while also backing the state governor to bring the criminals to book.

Writing on his Facebook wall, he said; “Make no mistake, there will never be any valid grounds or rationale behind such violence that has left many families without their loved ones – and one more community in grief and shock.

Last night, I spoke to Governor Ahmed to express my condolence on the lives that were lost in the attack, and we both agree that no stone will be left unturned until the perpetrators of this heinous act are caught and brought to justice.

It is also important that we all work together to ensure that this does not reoccur. We all must co-operate at various levels to increase the security of our communities.

I pray that the souls of those that we lost yesterday are granted places amongst the righteous ones.


My prayers and support will continue to be extended to all the affected families, and we will remain relentless until everyone who planned or carried out this attack faces the full wrath of the law.”

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