Police Takes Life After Not Getting The Transfer He Wanted


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An unsatisfied policeman in Kenya committed suicide after finding out he was not transferred to a better place after serving in the town for three years.
The incident happened in a town called Garissa on Tuesday, the hapless policeman shot himself in the mouth with a gun after finding out the news.

The Standard reports that his colleagues said the officer was under stress after serving in the region for three years and instead of being transferred to a better place he was transferred to Ijara AP camp.

They said, “He was moved to near a post that was attacked by Al-shabaab late last year. He was stressed and left a note to show he was not happy.”

North Eastern regional coordinator, Mohamud Saleh, said investigations had begun on the matter.

According to the police, this is the latest incident involving them in a series that have been reported of late.

Police said such cases were on the rise due to stress in the service. Police officers’ relationships with their families, their colleagues, and seniors among other issues have been identified as some of the causes of such incidents.

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