Police To Arrest Users Of Sex toys


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The Zambian Police has revealed plans to arrest persons caught possessing sex dolls and vibrators as such materials are obscene and its importation, sale and possession illegal under Zambian law according to Esther Katongo a spokesperson for the Police.

In a question and answer session with journalists, Katongo shed light on the position of the law on the issue which is raising controversy in the country which is very conservative.

“Possession of obscene materials in this country is an offense. Read section 177 of the Penal code Importation check section 177(1) (b) and Section 177 (1) criminalises taking part in such business,” said Katongo to the journalists who  where interested in knowing the stance of the law on  as to whether sex dolls fell within the list of sex toys and accessories declared illegal.

This decision by the police is starting to take shape as the Police is currently tracking down two women alleged to be lesbians due to online pictures of the ladies revealing their relationship on the internet which went viral. Same-sex relationships are criminal in Zambia.

The current events has largely divided many Zambians in their views as some have held that the law did not make any provision prohibiting importation, sale and possession of sex dolls. On the flip side others have cheered the decision of the Police as they view those items as taboo subjects/.

As of this time a 27-year-old man identified only as Enoch Canada has posted on his official page on Facebook that he was the first Zambian to purchase a sex doll. Only time will tell if the law included sex dolls as part of obscene items for sexual gratification.

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