Police to Charge former Personal Assistant for Murder of Gokada CEO, Fahim Saleh


Police investigating the gruesome murder of the CEO of Gokada, Fahim Saleh in New York have arrested his personal assistant as a possible accessory to the killing of the entrepreneur.

21 yr old Tyrese Devon Haspil who was the former personal assistant to the murdered CEO was arrested by police and accused of having motives to kill his former boss.

Fahim Saleh was found dead in his New York apartment with his remains dismembered and terribly mutilated on Tuesday.

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An electric saw was also found near his headless torso as it seemed the killer left in a hurry.

According to the police, the killer apparently left midway into dismembering the corpse of the Gokada boss when his sister showed up at the apartment unexpectedly.

According to a report by New York times, police discovered that Saleh’s ex PA, Haspil had stolen billions of dollars from the company and was caught in the act.

Rather than report the matter to authorities however, Saleh decided to settle the matter amicably by embarking on a repayment plan with the dishonest employee.

The police believe that Haspil had motive and the means to murder his former boss and is therefore expected to be charged with second degree murder as well as other charges.

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