Policemen In Nigeria Are Corrupt Because Of Fear – IG


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The Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, has blamed corruption in the Nigeria Police on fear of the future.

He made this known while speaking to newsmen in Sokoto on Wednesday.

“In dealing with corruption, it has to be a carrot and stick approach. I don’t want to start accusing my men that they are corrupt. But corruption is borne out of the fear of the future,” he stated.

“For instance, somebody who has put in 35 years of service and he is going to leave and is not sure of where he is going to be accommodated, he is not sure whether he will be able to train his children.

“He is not sure that his terminal benefits will be able to sustain him, then, his temptation to be corrupt will be very, very high.

“Therefore, I owe them a moral duty and obligation to make sure that I put things in place to be able to mitigate against those moral tendencies to be corrupt,” Arase stressed.

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  1. crownwise@yahoo.com says

    This is not a good explanation for corruption in Police – Fear of unknown, depositing Children anywhere. 35-years of service with nothing show at the end is shameful and sad.
    How can we explain a Police Corporal or Sargent or Inspector with 3- 4-wives and 10-children?

    IG explanations are not actual facts.

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