Pope Francis defrocks Two Bishops over Sexual Abuse of Minors


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Catholic Pontiff, Pope Francis has defrocked two Chilean bishops for the alleged sexual abuse of minors.

The action which was announced in a statement issued by the Vatican on Saturday comes on the heels of criticisms of the Catholic Church over sexual abuse of minors.

The President of Chile and the Catholic Pontiff had a meeting at the Vatican on Saturday shortly before the announcement of sanctions on both errant bishops.

According to the statement, the decision to expel former archbishop Francisco Jose Cox Huneeus and former bishop Marco Antonio Ordenes Fernandez, the latest heads to roll in a country hit hard by the cleric abuse scandal, could not be appealed.

This will mark the first time the authorities of the Catholic Church will out rightly expel members of its clergy from the church over sexual abuse offences.

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The Catholic leadership had often demoted clergy accused of suspected sexual abuse of minors or divested them of specific duties that out them in contact with the public.

The incidence of sexual abuse of minors by priests and clergy within the Catholic Church is rife particularly in Ireland, Chile and Argentina.

Earlier in 2018 an Irish Court convicted and sentenced a former Catholic Bishop to prison time for covering up sexual abuse by priests under his jurisdiction.

The Catholic Church in the United States has also come under fire for sexual abuse of minors by American Catholic Priests.

Criminal investigations were carried out by California state authorities after individuals came forward to accuse Catholic Clergy of sexually assaulting minors in their care.

Pope Francis has repeatedly conveyed the remorse of the Catholic leadership over sexual abuse of minors by its priests despite coming under heavy criticisms for not doing enough.

Pope Francis has also observed that the Catholic Church has come criticism the most since its inception.

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