Popular comedian, ‘Kelly Blind’, recounts how he lost his sight to measles


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Popular Nigerian comedian and broadcaster Kelly Egbere, also known as ‘Kelly blind’, on Monday recounted how he lost his sight to measles while he was  nine years  old.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the comedian spoke at an event organised by Leadership Empowerment and Resource Network (LEARN) to mark Children’s Day  in Lagos.

He said: “I was not born blind; I could see like you before I lost my sight at the age of nine to measles while playing football.

“On that faithful afternoon, everything suddenly went dark like night and it was like a dream.

“I managed to leave the field; washed my face with water as soon as I got home.

“But I did not tell my parents because I was afraid.

“But in the evening of the third day, my father sent me to buy some items for him.

“As  I tried to find my way to where I was to buy the item, I found myself inside a  gutter. People came to help me out of the gutter,” Kelly said.

Kelly said that his parents took him to several places in search of help for him to regain his list  sight  but all the efforts did not yield any success.

“I later attended a school for the blind in Lagos where I was taught how to turn  my weakness to my advantage and there I found my strength.”

He  encouraged children to always  speak up whenever they noticed anything strange going on with their bodies  and not be scared of going for immunization. (NAN)

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