Popular OAP Urges BBNaija to Teach Housemates About Consent


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If there is anything that the famous BBNaija reality TV show is known for, it is the inevitable coupling of housemates that makes for an even more exciting screen time. Every season of this yearly series has opened with fans picking their favourite housemates and eventually favourite couples along the line. Although this “shipping” culture has become a significant part of the BBNaija series, it is impossible to deny the drama that can sometimes ensue from it.

Last season witnessed the Laycon, Kiddaway, and Erica saga, and although this season has been quite mellow so far, one can already tell that viewers are in for some more drama. Recently, a video clip from the BBNaija house— which has since become controversial—surfaced on the streets of Twitter. The clip showed Sheggz, the resident fine boy, and his romantic interest, Bella discussing the subject of “blue balls”. In the clip, Sheggz asks fellow housemate, Elloswag to explain the phenomenon to Bella, to which Elloswag replies, “…it’s more of like menstrual cramps…” Many viewers, especially women, have expressed their displeasure at this statement, stating that it is untrue and manipulative.

Many more have pointed out that the conversation allows a glimpse into the inherently manipulative nature of many men. Famous journalist and OAP Sandra Ezekwesili took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the incident. According to her, the conversation proves the common saying that men make it safe for their fellow men to misbehave. She went further on a separate tweet to urge BBNaija to use its platform to educate Africa about consent by giving the housemates a task in that context.

Sandra Ezekwesili's Tweet
Sandra Ezekwesili’s Tweet

The video clip has since sparked a debate on Twitter, with Sheggz’s fans defending the housemate, others pointing out Bella’s naivety or pretence, and a small number stating that choosing to be in the BBNaija house is consent in itself. However, many have called out the falsehood of the “blue balls” trope, reiterating that it is nothing but an age-old tactic used to manipulate women into agreeing to sex or other sexual activities they would rather not partake in.

Sheggz support
Sheggz support

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