Possessed by Demons? Troubled Nigerian student causes pandemonium in Lecture hall


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A mild drama played out during a Mathematics lecture at the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUS), following a bizarre demonstration by a 200-Level female student.

The girl who is said to be possessed, suddenly lost consciousness and began to demonstrate strangely in the class.

Her colleagues had to come to her rescue by surrounding her and quickly taking her out of the PTF hall where the mathematics lecture was taking place.

female student
Possessed Female Student

Instead of referring her to the clinic within the school premises, they consulted an Arabic student who performed some spiritual activities in order to revive her; and she got healed after some minutes.

The situation caused a serious pandemonium among students who witnessed it and some quickly voiced out that she was possessed of an evil spirit.

There is a popular belief throughout the school about the presence of some imps that is responsible for the absurd and strange behaviors from students.

A number of students claimed that people who suffer that strange spirit could have unwittingly open themselves to be possessed by those evil spirits within that environment.

One of the students who gave her name as Umar Aishat said that she has suffered that same situation but her parents worked hard and found a solution to the problem.

According to her: Initially, I never knew that I was possessed by any evil spirit. But sometimes, I do experience strange feelings within me and also noticed that the same thing was happening to some students too. I thank God that my parents came to my rescue after administering some medications. Nevertheless, the tests I took did not show that something was wrong with me but some of the medical officers claimed that the problem is spiritual.

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Aishat further stated that she couldn’t participate in social activities until she got whole of the problem.

‘’During that period, I always avoided any form of social activities so that I will not be embarrassed. At times, it comes when I’m in class and it will cause uproar and confusion. It was so devastating that I couldn’t bare it and I found it very hard to continue my education’’.

Imps can be described to be very unseen beings that can possibly manipulate a human being when something is done to attract them into a person’s life. They are generally referred to as evil spirit and can make their victims behave strangely when a hot water touches them by mistake.


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