Check Out The Pre-wedding Photos Of Couple Who Dated For 15 Years

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The pre-wedding photos of Chinwe and Obinna have gone viral as they share alongside their captivating story of love.

4438859_chinweobinna3a_jpeg4f35b6cb34f5eb232de7b325da288bdaChinwe and Obinna are to walk down the aisle in November, 2016.

The couple, who dated for 15 years, expressed their happiness in the turn out of their relationship.

The lady, Chinwe made a first class from the University of Nigeria, and after graduation was retained as a staff of the university at the age of 23.

She went further in her studies to become a Chatered Accountant at the age of 24, and is currently doing her PhD in the university.

4438861_chinweobinna2a_jpeg78ac0e91a9bcf69ae44ceca27464fa4fIn an event hosted by Prof. Udo Okeke-Uzodike and Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo on behalf of World Bank, Chinwe was granted a certificate of training from the Advanced Econometric of Policy Analysis.

Chinwe expressed her feelings of accomplishment with her career and love of her life.

She said, “My mum died while giving birth to me and my twin and my grandparents took responsibility of bringing us up.

“I have known Obinna since my childhood, for over 15 years now and have grown to love each other dearly. He is a graduate of FUTO and currently working with Terragon Group.”

She further asserted that in the university of love there are no graduates only ‘JAMBites’.

Obinna on his part said that the most amazing thing about his wife is her love for humanity, as she is always spending her birthdays every year with motherless children and motivating young minds.


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