Preliminary Review: New Samsung Galaxy Buds+ already beats Apple Airpods for power

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are on their way and preliminary review by folks at already shows areas where the Galaxy Buds Plus is ahead of the competition, Apple Airpods.

According to an FCC filing for a “Bluetooth headset” which states that the Buds themselves will be powered by a 300mA battery while the charger will be a 600mA the Galaxy Bud+ should last 12 hours of prolonged usage which is already longer than the Airpod can last.

Although the FCC filing didn’t give away much in terms of specs for the Buds it does indicate an announcement for the Galaxy Bud is soon to be made and with CES 2020 coming up we may get an announcement from Samsung about the Bud+.

Galaxy Bud+

In terms of design, the Bud+ is expected to be similar in many ways to the earlier version. There are no leaks or official announcements from the Chinese tech giant but according to animation on XDA Developers in the Samsung SmartThings app, the Bud+ appears to be quite similar to the first version in design.

TechRadar revealed that:

The animation shows the same pill-box style charging case, from which the buds emerge – from the looks of things, the same pearlescent material is in use on the outer housings, which we expect will feature the same touch controls as the original Galaxy Buds.

One possible difference is that the new buds may eschew the rubber wingtips of their predecessors – although they could still be included as an optional extra for those wanting a more secure fit.

The Galaxy Bud Plus is expected to come with noise cancellation features and really compete with the Airpod on that front. The advantage here is that it’s coming later than the Airpods, it can set the pace for what’s to come in the next generation. We can brace ourselves for these buds to command more than $149 / £139 / AU$249 when they launch in the new year.

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