“Prepare Your Mind Because Life Might Not Be Normal Till Next Year” – Peter Okoye


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Peter Okoye has warned Nigerians to be prepared because things will take time before returning back to normal due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Peter Okoye, who revealed few days ago that he and his entire family recently tested positive for coronavirus said on twitter that ignorance is a disease and people should prepare their minds as life might not be normal till next year, 2021.

He tweeted: “Ignorance is a disease. Far worst than the underlying virus (Covid19) California has gone Shut Down again and some states in the US are about to do the same. Some will still say Covid19 is a Scam. It’s ordinary malaria! Prepare ur mind, cos life might not be normal till nxt yr.

For those still doubting Covid19. A word is enough for the wise! Stay safe out der!

His statement comes few days after Nollywood actor, Mr Ibu revealed during an interview that he does not believe coronavirus is in Nigeria.

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Mr Ibu said: “Nigeria, we are not supposed to be involved in this COVID-19, I see no reason why we should be involved. Only Nigerians in diaspora will have to partake in this devilish program.

“We at home are oblivious, we are not supposed to be involved in any ceremony in trying to pretend or in trying to avoid. My brother, COVID-19 or 20 is not here, I don’t care. Why would China give us sickness and America embellish the technicality and then sell it to the world and people now begin to die when they know it’s killing. Thank God we have hot weather, the thing sef dey fear us.

“I no dey fear anything I dey wear cloth waka on my own. Nothing dey here, nobody don die for this whole area, if you go another area nobody don die, go to stadium nobody don die. Let’s be sorry for ourselves.

“I’m telling everybody not just the government this, say only what you know do not exaggerate it. Na we dey take our mouth call sickness by im own, sickness dey pass on its own but na we dey call am for Nigeria. You won’t see COVID-19 because it’s not here.”


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