Thanks for Steering Us Into Recession: Buhari gifted a car by Jaafar Jaafar


A Nigerian Journalist,  Jaafar Jaafar, offered  his Volkswagen Beetle car to the president , in celebration  of Nigeria’s Independence day.

He wrote  a text addressed  to the president, and posted it online.

It reads below: ” I am offering you my Volkswagen Bettle 1500 model to you, as a gift to celebrate  Nigeria’s Independence  Day . Since you steered the country into recession,  only the citizens bear the brunt of your actions and inaction,  while nothing has changed in you and your family’s lifestyle.b

“I have a belief adjusting  your lifestyle to set example of austerity measures will earn you  accolades in Nigeria and respect globally. Sir the country will save a lot, if those fuel -guzzling 8-cylinder engines in the presidential fleets are reduced end your car replaced with a 4-stroke engine car. 

“The car is in clean  shape with sound engine to boot. It is just as fit as fiddle. But if you think  the sound of the engine will cost  Nigeria another N20million to format your auditory system in London, I will retrofit a silent engine into it before delivery.

“Attached herewith is the picture of the car for your perusal. Accept the assurance of my change if you change. ”

Sincerely, Jaafar Jaafar

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