President Buhari Could Return to Nigeria Next Week

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According to Sahara Reporters, President Muhammadu Buhari might be on his way back to the country, next week.


It was gathered that two of the President’s aides, speaking anonymously, had revealed that as Sahara Reporters noted earlier, the symptoms the President is experiencing, were due to drug reactions.


President Buhari had for the second time this year, returned to the UK for medical treatment and has reportedly developed memory loss and speech impairment due to the drugs been prescribed for him by doctors.


According to one of the aides, “Mr. President [Buhari] is getting better and wanting to return to Nigeria very soon,” one of the two sources said, adding that when he would return, is “totally depends on his doctors.”


On why the president’s health status is shrewd in mystery, he said, “Sickness is not a matter you just start broadcasting to everybody. Remember that Mr. President, after his return to Nigeria in March, told Nigerians that he had never been so sick in his life. I think that statement has already disclosed enough about his health.”

When asked if the symptoms are permanent, the aide added that “the issues [side effects] are temporary. They occurred after the medical team administered a particular medication on Mr. President.”

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