Presidential Aide Bashir Ahmad reacts after internet users blasted him for promising to influence Paedophile’s jail term


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President Buhari’s aide, Bashir Ahmad has reacted to the online rage that followed his promise of influencing Rapist Yunusa’s conviction.

A Yenagoa Federal High court on Friday sentenced Dahiru Yunusa popularly known as Yellow to 26 years imprisonment after he was found guilty of criminal abduction, illicit sex, sexual exploitation, and unlawful carnal knowledge of Ese, 13-year-old minor.

Ese Oruru, 13-year-old teenager was kidnapped from her mother’s shop in Dahila, Yenagoa in August 2015 by Yunusa. She was taken to Kano where she was raped and forced to convert to Islam.

By the time security operatives rescued her in February 2016, Ese was already five months pregnant. Yunusa was charged to court

However, on Fri May 22 Justice Inyang sentenced Yunusa to 26-year jail term after he was found guilty.

However, Presidential Aide, Bashir Ahmad promised to influence the sentence after a Twitter user alleged that the conviction was manipulated.

“Please Bashir, do something about Yunusa Yellow for Allah’s sake, he is wrongly accused and sentenced, the whole matter is manipulated, we need to appeal for him.”

Reacting to the tweet, Ahmad said,

“I do not have the power to do anything against the judgment of the court, but I will try to contact those whom I think are capable.”

Ahmad’s response attracted a heavy backlash with many accusing him and Buhari’s administration of sabotaging the Judiciary.

Following the online rage caused by his tweet, Ahmad disclosed he did not know about Yunusa’s crimes before promising to intervene.

He said; “I commented on the Yunusa Yellow saga earlier, without knowing and understanding the details of the case. Eloping or rather, kidnapping a minor and forcing her to marry you shouldn’t be taken lightly. A condemnable act!

Unfortunately, the tweet did nothing to redeem Ahmad as online users continued to blast him.

Here are some of the comments online;


If young Bashir Ahmad (20+) confessed that he has access to people who are capable of influencing the judgement of a competent court, we can now see how easy it was for this regime to steal our 2019 mandate at the ballot and also influence the Supreme Court to keep it.




I’m sure #Bashir knew what he’s talking about.
That tells you that judiciary in Nigeria is in the pockets of those in Aso Rock. They determine who gets what judgement. Imo and kogi manipulated judgements are case studies

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