Simple ways to prevent forehead wrinkles


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 Are you worried about developing wrinkles on your forehead? it’s never too late to start preventing it.  Keep it in mind that no treatment will prevent wrinkles completely, but here are a few steps to minimize them;

  1.  Apply moisturizer in the morning and at night: Dry skin ages faster, which lead to developing wrinkles earlier. Gently apply a moisturizer on your face after you have washed it, it helps keeps your skin hydrated and provide it with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. You can look for a moisturizer that’s made specifically to prevent wrinkles, which may have added ingredients to benefit your skin.
  2. Wear a sunscreen every time you go outside: The sun’s rays can cause damage to your skin over time, which can lower the elasticity and making you prone to wrinkles. Since your forehead is exposed to the sun, make sure you’re protecting it with sunscreen. You can even get a moisturizer that contains sunscreen in them, a hat or a face cap can also help protect your forehead from the sun.

3.  Wear sunglasses outside: This would prevent you from squinting, especially when it’s very sunny, reduce squinting by wearing a good pair of sunglasses that are polarized and protect your eyes from UV, so it’s worth it to invest in better sunglasses.

  1. Avoid smoking to slow down ageing:  Aside from the health problem caused by smoking, it also ages your skin faster, leading to more wrinkles on places like your forehead.
  2. Reduce your stress to avoid wrinkles: When we get stressed, we tend to squeeze up our faces.  Try to find other ways to get distracted from what is stressing you out. You can meditate for just a few minutes, close your eyes, and focus on your breath.
  3. Eat a healthy diet with lots of vegetables: To keep your skin healthy, make sure you eat a variety of vegetables every day, avoid white bread, canned foods, processed meats or hamburgers, try the chicken, eggs, or beans instead. Get calcium from other seeds or supplements to support skin health.
  4. Drink alcohol in moderation to protect your skin:  Moderate drinking is no more than one drink a day for most women, and two for most men. Drinking excessively dehydrates your skin and speeds up the wrinkling process.
  5. Facial yoga for forehead wrinkles.: Make a C shape with each hand around your eyes, like binoculars. Pull the skin of your forehead down with your index fingers while raising your eyebrows. Hold that pose for 2 seconds. Perform these exercises in front of a mirror to make sure you are doing them correctly and make sure your hands are clean before touching your face.
  6. Avoid leaning against your hand during the day. When you lean the side of your face or even your forehead on your hand for extended periods, you put pressure on your face, scrunching it up. In turn, that can lead to developing wrinkles over time.
  7. Tap your face in key spots to release tension. Tapping your face reminds you to release the tension in those muscles, leading to a smoother face. Tap using your index finger at 7 main points, the top of the head, between the eyebrows, outside the eyes, under the eyes, under the nose, at the chin, and on the collar bone.

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