Property developer robbed of N160 million watch


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The CEO of property development company Groep Versluys, Bart Versluys has been robbed in Ostend,  a city on the Belgian coast.

The item stolen according to Het Laatste Nieuws was his wristwatch, a Richard Mille Rm 11-03 Titanium, valued around 350,000 euros (approximately N160 million). Only a few of these luxury watches have been made. In addition to being very expensive, they are also highly sought-after collectors’ items.

The Ostend Local Police Service and the West Flemish Judicial Authorities, have since confirmed the news.

Per the reports, the robbery was said to have happened around 6:45 pm on the Zandvoortstraat in Ostend.

The thieves threatened Mr Versluys with a weapon and used pepper spray in order to get him to part with his valuable wristwatch.

CEO of the property development company Groep Versluys, Bart Versluys
CEO of the property development company Groep Versluys, Bart Versluys

He was struck several times by his attackers who are still at large and are now the subject of a criminal investigation launched by the West Flemish Judicial Authorities.

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World Star Hip Hop has revealed the CCTV footage of the mugging. See the link below:

According to Het Laatste Nieuws, Mr Versluys bought the watch as an investment and had never expected to be robbed while he was at his own company.

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