Prophetess in Police Custody for Selling Day Old Baby

Tony Abu Momoh
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Prophetess in Police Custody for Selling Day Old Baby

A self acclaimed prophetess from Abia state has landed in Police custody for selling a one day old baby.

The Abia State police commanded arrested Amarachi Chinedu who claims to be a prophetess over her involvement in the sale of a one-day-old baby boy in Aba.

The police revealed that the Woman who claimed to be a prophetess, was arrested alongside the mother of the baby, 17-year-old Chinanu Monday as well as he alleged father Promise Lazarus.

The 17 year old mother told reporters that she was delivered of her baby in the home of the prophetess and after the delivery her baby was taken away and sold without her knowledge.

According to her, she hadn’t been aware of the deal and did not know anything regarding the buyer as well as her baby’s whereabouts.

“When I was pregnant, Lazarus took me to the woman and she took delivery of the baby in her home. After the baby was delivered, they took him away and sold him,” she said.

The Prophetess as well as the alleged father of the baby however denied the allegations and said the young girl’s story was full of lies and baseless.

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According to Lazarus he had met the girl in March quite contrary to her story of meeting him in December.

He said, “She told me in April that she was pregnant and I told her that I would come to her parents for introduction with drinks and kola nuts. Surprisingly, while I was making plans to visit her parents, policemen came to my house and arrested me, accusing me of child trafficking,”

The Prophetess also denounced the story telling reporters that the girl had not been pregnant in the first place and could therefore not have given birth to a baby.

“I want the girl to be examined by a medical doctor to ascertain if she gave birth to a baby,” the self acclaimed prophetess said.

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