Protest Against Rape Is Futile, These Are The People You Need To Address – MURIC


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The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, an Islamic group has attributed the increased incidence of rape cases in Nigeria to indecent dressing by women.

The Islamic group stated that the increase in number of rape cases in the country is brought about by the increase in scantily dressed women across the country.

Speaking through its president, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, the group maintained that “rape is on the increase mainly because moral bankruptcy has hit its peak. Women are no longer ashamed of exposing their bodies in public.”

MURIC in reaction to the protest staged by the War Against Rape group disclosed that an end will be put to the drastic increase in number of rape cases if women learnt to dress more decently.

Recall that the War Against Rape protest which held in Lagos was directed at the office of the Lagos State Governor, Akinwumi Ambode as protesters expressed their disappointment and dissatisfaction over the increase in rape cases recorded in the country.

MURIC president, who condemned rape in all its forms added in a statement released on Saturday that although rape remained a gross crime especially to the victim’s dignity, taking the protest against rape to the door of the state governor will do little to solve the problem at hand.

He added that the main audience should be the women noting that the protest was nothing but waste of man-hour.

Akintola stated: “Rape is on the increase mainly because moral bankruptcy has hit its peak. Women are no longer ashamed of exposing their bodies in public. Even dresses which do not expose their bodies are sewn so tight that no one is left in doubt about the objective. It is the age of dress-to-kill. But women forget that many of them will fall victim of stray bullets.

“Indecent dressing is a provocation and this is the issue which decent societies must address. MURIC invites WAR to launch a campaign against indecent dressing. The way you dress is the way you will be addressed.

“You cannot send out a letter without receiving a reply. WAR should tell women to elevate their self-dignity. Why do they pose half-nude in adverts, magazine covers, etc? Why are women so willing to expose their Allah-given ‘delicacies’ to naked eyes?”

He further added while pointing out that the governor does not dictate how women dress in the society, “women who elect to cut their blouses low at the front and their skirts outrageously short above the thighs have deliberately entered into a contract with men who are sick upstairs. Women should be told in clear and unequivocal terms that indecent dressing constitutes sexual harassment.”

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