Protesters: Our New National Heroes – By Doyin Okupe


This generation of Nigerian youths has by the Grace of God achieved what has been impossible for the last several decades. The success of the youths is perhaps the most potent testimony of the abysmal leadership failure of the political and elite class in Nigeria.

It is unique that the protesters do not have identifiable leadership and this is perhaps why they have been successful so far since the security forces are unable to truncate the nationwide protests by arresting and demobilising its leadership.

But at the present level, the protesters must unify across board and constitute state leaderships. This should be done ONLY when the government has given public and irrevocable undertaken that they will not arrest such persons under any circumstances or pretext.

These state leaderships will now come together and engage governments first at the state levels and thereafter through the respective state governors to the Presidency.

It is heart warming to observe the assuidity and tenacity of purpose laced with integrity and courage our youths have shown in achieving their set goals and objectives.
This gives hope for the survival of our Nation now and in future. This is the type of leadership that if sustained some of us will be willing to support and even follow.
I will personally enjoin the government to listen to the voices and demands of its youth.

We all also must collectively support this unprecedented youthful initiative while at the same time encourage the present government to do all in its powers to seize this opportunity to reset the administrative,social,ethical and developmental agenda of this Nation.

The present situation is bigger than any one person, government or political party. Let us unite for once and save our nation. God bless our youths and God bless our country NIGERIA.

*Okupe is a former presidential spokesman.

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