Protests Erupt As Police Fatally Shoot Black Teenager (Video)


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Police fatally shot an 18-year-old black man on Wednesday afternoon, September 2, in Washington D.C. which subsequently led to angry clashes between Black Lives Matter protesters and police outside a police building.


The man killed has been identified as Devone Kay, an 18 year old. He was allegedly shot in the back by Metropolitan Police as he was fleeing from a police car suspected to be in possession of weapons.


Kay’s death resulted into an angry protest between Black Lives Matter protesters and police outside a DC police building through out Wednesday night.


The shooting incident is now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department’s (MPD) Internal Affairs Bureau and the police officers who carried out the killing have been put on administrative leave.

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The protests have seen lots of Black Lives matter supporters clamouring for justice following the police shooting of another Black man as the number of racial police killings keeps on piling up.


The Protesters were see forming a perimeter around the police building, yelling “move back” just as DC police use their Trek bikes to form a barrier between the building and protesters.


The Protesters who appeared distraught and fed up the incessant killings raised their arms in solidarity and chanted  “who keeps us safe” “we keep us safe” outside the police building.


Other protesters at the scene yelled phrases well associated with Black Lives Matter protests, including “Say his name” followed by “Deon Kay” and a call and response of “Who keeps us safe?” “We keep us safe.”


A statement put out by the police department hours after the incident occurred details the sequence of events Newsham had referred to. At about 3:51PM, uniformed patrol officers of the MPD’s Seventh District responded to a group of allegedly armed people in a car in the 200 block of Orange Street SE.


When they arrived, they found people in and around the car. “Upon seeing the officers, two of the suspects fled on foot,” the statement read. “During the foot pursuit, one of the suspects brandished a firearm.”


“In response, an officer discharged their firearm one time, striking the suspect,” the statement continued. Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services rushed Kay to the hospital for life-threatening injuries but he could not be saved.




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