Provide Treated Mosquito Nets Or No Marriage – Govt. Threatens Intending Couples


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The Sokoto state government has imposed the provision of Mosquito nets by intending couples as one of the major criteria for marriage.

The latest development is part of plans initiated by the state government to curb malaria and spread of other diseases in the state.

The new law introduced by the state government demands will mandate potential suitors to add insecticide-treated mosquito nets to the bride price they pay before getting married.

The law proposes that intending couples will have to undergo proper testing for sickle cell gene and enroll for a state community contributory health scheme to reduce the cost of medical treatment.

The state’s health commissioner, Balarabe Kakale further noted that the law makes it compulsory for couples to undergo testing for HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B before they are certified okay for marriage.

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