Pst Adeboye is part of Buhari’s Fulani Cabal – Man Alleges in Viral Video


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A video of a man claiming that President Buhari and Pst E.A Adeboye are in cahoots and the President of Nigeria is a strong supporter of Fulani herdsmen has gone viral.

He claimed that in 2010 where there was a clash in the Oke Ogun community in Oyo state between the indigenes and Fulani herdsmen, where allegedly 62 herdsmen where killed whereas only 5 were killed, Muhammadu Buhari was livid and traveled to Oyo state to protest their killing.

Not only were the numbers a lie, it turns out that the story of the Fulani herdsmen being harassed was very far from the truth as it was the Fulani herdsmen that had been harassing the community for a long time, killing indigenes and causing havoc. He claimed that Muhammadu Buhari was livid and extremely displeased that he went alongside Arewa members to seek for justice for the Fulani herdsmen that were killed.

The extent of his displeasure was very obvious as he refused to greet anybody around him that day. He blamed the then Governor and the chiefs of Oyo state for the killings.

He also condemned Femi Adeshina for supporting Fulani herdsmen by claiming that it was bandits that committed the recent crime of the death of Fasoranti’s daughter instead of Fulani herdsmen. He put him on blast for his lack of loyalty to people of his tribe and religion.

He also mentioned that seeing that Pastor E.A Adeboye is silent on the killing of Christians in Nigeria, he also must be part of the cabal of President Muhammadu Buhari. He called Christians to fight for themselves as their so called leaders no longer have interest in fighting for them as Muhammadu Buhari passionately did in 2010 on behalf of the slain Fulani herdsmen in Oyo.

See Excerpt here: 

“Back in the year 2000, at a place called Oke Ogun in Oyo state, there was a problem between indeginous community there and the Fulani herdsmen. So, this time around, It boiled over, so they fought. Some Fulani herdsmen were killed, and guess what happened, Muhammadu Buhari was so angry that he wrote the governor of Oyo State at the time, Lam Adesina, and told him that he was on his way to his (Adeshina) office.”

“So, Buhari went in the company of Buba Marwa, and so many Arewa executives to protest the killing of Fulani men in Oyo State.”

Before he arrived at the government house, it was reported that even the secretariat was already filled with truckloads of Fulani herdsmen who were there in solidarity. Buhari was so angry when he got to the government house that he could not even respond to greetings from people. That was how mad he was.

He, however, said that both the Department of State Services and the police revealed that the Fulani herdsmen were the actual predators in the situation.

He said Buhari’s reaction to such incident implies that “you can’t mess with people who has the same culture, religion and tradition as me ‘Buhari. And you wondered why they worship the man.”

Today, the daughter of a whole Afenifere leader, Reuben Fasoranti, has just been killed by Fulani herdsmen. What reaction do you get from people who share the same cultural, religious identity with him?.

He lamented that president’s aide, Femi Adesina, who was the first to react, said the killers were armed robbers, not Fulani herdsmen.

“That was the same way they start calling them bandits. Now, they’re moving from banditry to robbery. No more herdsmen. Fulani herdsmen kill the daughter”

“In October of 2010, Pastor E. A. Adeboye was gathering signatures to lead a one-million match against insecurity, He focused more on kidnapping, under President Jonathan. He said the insecurity was getting out of hand. He is the same one that is being friends with Buhari.”

“Do you expect Pastor Adeboye to respond to what has just happened to Fasoranti’s daughter? No, he will not do that”

He made a lot more allegations: watch the video here 👇🏽


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