Public Notice: Staff Disengaged For Fraud

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This notice is to inform the general public that Mr Anthony Ademiluyi, is no longer under the employ of the Herald newspaper after being engaged in fraud.

Tony while working with The Herald, was found to have fraudulently and knowingly plagiarized hundreds of articles from other national newspapers including The Punch, Daily Independent and other sources. Tony then fraudulently attributed those articles to himself, setting The Herald up for copyright infringement lawsuits, of which Google did notify us of a claim.

We sacked him as he showed no remorse or regret for his actions when probed and asked to make amends.

Tony is passing himself off as a graduate of English and Literary Studies from the University of Lagos. However, we are yet to ascertain if it is possible that an English graduate from any nation will not know that plagiarism is offensive, immoral and illegal.



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