Pundit Explains Why Political Leaders Won’t Let Musk Buy Twitter


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An American journalist, Glenn Greenwald, says the political establishment will do all within its power to frustrate Elon Musk’s take-over of Twitter to protect their control of the political narrative.

Greenwald stated this in a Twitter thread on Friday, a day after it emerged that the Tesla CEO has put in a bid to buy 100 percent of Twitter for $43 billion and take it private.

According to him, Twitter is in the firm grip of the leftist political establishment which determines what issues should be censored and which to permit.

He wrote, “Yesterday was a flagship day in corporate media. It was the day they were forced to explicitly state what has long been clear: they not only favor censorship but desperately crave and depend on it.

“Even if Musk doesn’t buy Twitter, never forget what yesterday revealed.

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“In US culture, we’re inculcated from childhood that censorship is bad. So of course nobody — especially journalists — wants to say: “I favor censorship.”

“That’s why they need euphemisms like “content moderation”: to pretend it’s about bots, abuse, etc. rather than ideology.

“Everyone knows they are lying. Nobody cares about Twitter censoring bots or spam. That’s not what this is about.

“The social media censorship people care about is 100% ideological: banning dissent on COVID, the Biden emails, culture war debates, etc. That’s what’s at stake.

“Let’s put it this way: On Google/YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, you are free to say the 2000 and 2016 elections were stolen and fraudulent. You can’t say that about 2020.

“Before the 2020 election, you weren’t allowed to post reporting on the Biden emails.

“It’s all ideological.

“Throughout the COVID pandemic, you weren’t allowed to question the efficacy of cloth masks. You weren’t allowed to interrogate the origins of the virus. You weren’t allowed to debate vaccines or lockdowns. No dissent from Fauci/WHO was allowed.

“The censorship is 100% political.

“You’re allowed to spread any lies, propaganda and disinformation you want if it advances the Ukrainian cause (i.e., the US/NATO cause), but will be instantly banned if you say anything that challenges that on the ground of “Russia disinformation.” This is all explicit.

“Censorship of conservatives gets most attention because it’s so common, but censorship of anti-establishment leftists is also frequent: any dissident can be banned.

“Pretending this is about bots or spam is fraudulent. This censorship is about control of political information.

“Social media was heralded as an innovation that would liberate individuals from centralized control by the state and oligarchical power over their speech.

“It has become the exact opposite: the most powerful tool of information control and speech constraints ever devised.

“How dumb do you have to be to believe that journalists – who work at Bloomberg and the Bezos-owned WPost or Comcast or CNN – are worried about billionaires controlling media (🤣).

“They’re only petrified that the *wrong* billionaire, one who may not censor for them, might reign.

“There are many reasons to be skeptical of Musk’s motives and, even if pure, his ability to restore free speech to Twitter. Way too many powerful interests need this censorship. But the panic reveals so much.

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