QUEENS COLLEGE: Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right


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Few days ago, Queens College Lagos experienced a tug of war between the staff of the school, a parent and a student. The student was asked to leave the school premises by the security guards for fixing lashes, making up and painting her nails in a derogatory manner. 


According to a video posted on Instagram by Seun Oloketuyi, the student was prevented from gaining access to the school premises on the stance that she was not properly dressed. The student was held by the security officers as pictures and videos were taken by staff and onlookers alike. 

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The mother of the harassed child was not pleased with the actions of the security officials which resulted in violence. The video shows the mother holding the shirt of a security officer as she laments on the unfair treatment her daughter was put through. The actions of the school, students and mother have been discussed on various platforms and we can come to the conclusion that every party is to be blamed. 


The student is well aware of the stipulated rules and regulations of the school and the punishment that comes along with the violation of set rules. So, why go ahead and break the rules? It just shows disregard for the school rules and regulations. The mother, on the other hand, could have sorted out this issue amicably without resulting in physical violence.  


The school takes a major blow to the chest on this one. Public humiliation of students who break rules and regulation has never been a smart decision. The snapping of pictures and video recording of the violating student was too much. For every broken law, there’s an appropriate sanction and public harassment is not one of them. 


Was the ruckus caused at the school’s gate really necessary? In the shared video, we hear someone shouting ”that is the end don’t come back to Queens College” as mother and child walk away. 


From comments made on the post, it is obvious that society is not in support of the girl’s behaviour but would not stand for and watch her get humiliated by the school.  


@Ebunlocious commented ”smh!!! Bit this is so wrong and why are the lecturer and security behaving like tout?? If she’s not properly dressed why not send her home or write or invite her parents. Qc is now a sham!! Nonsense” 


This goes a long way to say that as much as society would not tolerate wrongdoings they would also not tolerate the humiliation of perpetrators especially when they’re underage.  


Although one might argue that it is hypocritical to allow people to post explicit content on social media and turn around to condemn students for wearing makeup to school. 


we must understand that schools are institutions and institutions have rules and regulations put in place to govern it. Rules and regulations are put in place to dictate the dos and don’ts of a place. If the rule says no then it’s a no.


 When people default, the proper channel for punishment should be followed and the right verdict should be given to violators.

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