Rampaging Killer Arrested In Japan


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A rampaging Japanese man was arrested in central Japan, but not before killing one person and injuring two others during a bullet train journey on Saturday night.

Ichiro Kojima, the suspect, attacked the victims around 10:00 pm (1300 GMT) aboard the Shinkansen train which was travelling from Tokyo to a station in Osaka, police and news reports said.

Police Officers were able to board the train and put down the threat, saving the lives of the other 800+ passengers, after the train made an emergency stop at Odawara station.

Police arrested the 22-year-old unemployed suspect on suspicion of attempted murder, a local police spokesman told AFP.

“A male passenger was sent to the hospital and his death was confirmed later,” the spokesman said.

News reports said two women who appeared to be in their twenties were wounded but their injuries were not life-threatening.

The suspect stated that he felt “frustrated and wanted to kill someone”.

Witnesses said passengers fled in panic, some of them in tears.

“All of a sudden, a lot of passengers were dashing from behind. People panicked”, a 44-year-old male passenger told the Mainichi Shimbun.

“Everyone appeared to be feeling the strain and some of them cried,” he said.

A female passenger told NHK: “Everyone fled and fell like one domino falling after another. I was scared to death.”

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