Rape victims who sue for money are prostitutes- Remy Ma


Reminisce Mackie,  popularly known as Remy Ma is being castigated by the public after an opinion she gave on a talk show.  The rapper in her statement said, ” rape victims who sue for money are prostitutes”.

This happened in a  talk show titled State of The Culture, where the rapper stars as a Co-presenter, along side Joe Budden.

This was after her co- presenter had brought up a topic about head line receiver Antonio Brown who was being accused of rape.

The rapper said: ” so, I hate when we talk about this type of things, I always seem like the female basher, the victim blamer.

“I am always on the guys side, I have been married for 11 years and have a soon, this shit sounds crazy to me.

” Every-time I hear about it, it is never like it happened this morning, or it happened yesterday, or it happened over the weekend.

” like we have a Doctor on top of the rape allegations, his getting sued by a Doctor who says that during the check-up, he farted in his face, so he needs US$11,500. But its all about money, because one of the accuses with AB is asking for two million dollars.

” If  you rapped my sister, my daughter or anything, I don’t want your money. worst case scenario, I want something to happen to you that will get you removed from being able to do this to someone else. When you come to me with a number, now to me, you being paid.

She then goes on to call collecting money as compensation for being raped is prostitution. She say,” If something happens to you sexually and you want money for it you a hoe.

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After some comments made by her co-host, she goes on to say:

“In sexual assault cases, the women asking for money, hey gimme some money and i will feel better, to me in any exchange with  sexual acts of being compensated with money, like, THAT IS PROSTITUTION”.

Her co- stars did not agree with her statement as they immediately gave their response to her statement.

She went on to say that the reason why the athlete was being sued was because he was a celebrity, if he was a random person, the accusers would not have taken the case to court.

She went on to say ” All rich niggas are rapist, that is what the accusers put out there to people”, stating the fact that its rich guys that get sued for rape because they have a lot of money.

Her co-presenter then replies saying that the only reason why its out in public is because they are celebrities.

she also said that it would be more believable for her if the victims reported the case immediately after the rape, rather than waiting for a long time before coming out to start accusing somebody of rape, she believed the accuser should always have their proof of rape.

The rapper says telling someone to give you money after you have been raped sounds like bribery, extortion and seems like you want to get paid for sex.  She goes on to say she doesn’t care about what people have to say about her personal opinion.

Another of her co-presenter goes on to say that statistically speaking, all women are likely to be raped or sexually assaulted at a point in their lives.

Remy Ma adds that if the rape victims had originally come out to say something, they could have prevented it from happening to someone else.


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