RCCG, Osinbajo, Daddy Freeze: Pray for Nigeria or not?


One of the worst-case scenarios for a true Pastor is to express a point – within a context – online or in Church, and it gets picked up by Daddy Freeze to use against Christianity in Nigeria.

In the aftermath of the horrific Plateau carnage and the tragic tanker explosion in Lagos, there were lots of posts on Pray for Nigeria online, but a tweet on roles of action and prayers was echoed by Daddy Freeze – in his posturing as shrewd.

Daddy Freeze did not credit anyone or any source, but delivered his nauseating rants against Christianity and the Church. His and other posts against praying for Nigeria took over social media.

For some, stating that development is by working at it or that prayers can never develop Nigeria or help Nigeria – was being thoughtful, OK. But has anyone really prayed that Nigeria should be developed just like that? Or that more electricity generation and distribution should just happen, etc.

There are wishes and there are prayers. It is possible to wish for electricity restoration in a neighborhood, and say what sounds like a prayer, but these kinds of pray wishing are generally not a measure of the Power of GOD, and those who engage in it – probably – understand.

Normally, in true Churches that pray for Nigeria; they often pray for peace, they pray for wisdom for leaders, for safety in the nation, against epidemics, disasters, crime, etc. These prayers don’t exactly have development quantifiability. Any of these can go wrong and terribly in any developed or any other non-developed nation. So if in Nigeria these are prayed about, it is nice and necessary.

Are Governments in Nigeria Working or Praying?

If a public official says pray for Nigeria, people attack them very fast. But governments are neither praying nor really working. Just like many of them across states, local areas and federal make references to projects and works but nothing is there; it is the same way they say pray, or showily pray, but most times, it is not the procedure for sincere – Christianity – prayers.

Speaking and appearances are some of what they do best, so promoting prayers, instead of real development, is a bait for those who rather than understand – attack prayers.

Criticizing governors, the president and prayers, Daddy Freeze said taxes are not paid to GOD. Wow! He says this now after he kept implying, for months that because of tithes and offerings Churches should develop Nigeria. Well, taxes are NOT paid to Churches!

On Twitter, many people love to say development does not happen by prayers, OK. But development does not also occur by complaining about an unconnected factor, nor does development come about by suggesting ideas on Twitter. Likes, replies and retweets comes that way though.

Plateau Carnage and the Lagos Tanker Explosion

Depending on whom or what a person hates, that is where to mostly direct blame when there is a problem in Nigeria. There is also the simple answer factor by direct foreign comparisons or vague – or feigned witty – suggestions.

Aside experts everywhere in Nigeria that we all proudly are, there are actual experts in subject – or problem – areas, and there are places to find them.

In the past, how many realistic studies on prevention of tanker explosion have been made by those who have the skillsets to exactly understand that situation? Also, on conflict resolution – aggregating massive and various possibilities – how many really great studies are out there, and tested for implementation on conflict cases?

Usually, states governments receive solutions modeled for them. They can approve or adjust but most of their knowledge derivatives come in from without. So sometimes, whatever they did or didn’t do could be dependent on what they got or didn’t get.

Yes, some have had experiences of going directly to them with solutions, and were ignored, but this usually failed approach without connections could easily be solved with alternatives or if the source was different. [Not making excuses for government].

Assuming it came from one of the expected knowledge sources and was greatly prepared, it does not need to be taken to them; these knowledge people have a way of making their splendid works known.

So, if there are – several – great knowledge hanging, and governments refuse to take it, it will be their own openly known absolute foolishness. Even as some people believe governments across Nigeria have no shame, when it comes to knowledge excellence, they often try to be articulate and explain stuff.

However, if – exceptional – supplies of modeled knowledge for governments from expected sources are unavailable and they wing everything – like projects with heavy budget, and failure is the only way to realize how wrong it was to do or not do; then governments alone are not to blame.

Prayers also are not to blame, if law enforcement agencies or officials fail. But, if there are – various case scenarios – knowledge, modeled for solutions it could beat failures when implemented. Who knows?

Daddy Freeze Genuine Prophet or Not?

Daddy Freeze claims to be the only genuine prophet in Nigeria because of his probability distributions. But he attacked a pastor who was said to predict the unfortunate tanker explosion. He also wrote of the gullibility of Nigerians because of that pastor.
If perhaps, Nigerians are gullible, then Daddy Freeze and his cheap – criticisms induced – popularity also took advantage of that. Mentioning it raises questions about how smart he may be. Daddy Freeze said he predicted global poverty elevation of Nigeria and the winner of BBNaija. Good for him.

His predictions are meaningless, he would never have mentioned it had it gone the other way, and there is no value, or economic optimism to anything he says.

Whether a pastor should see something negative and announce it – is another topic. Also whether the pastor does not have to announce and should say pray against it – is another topic too. But negative prognostication for fear or fame is not a good thing: this could be obvious if there’s sadness of all kinds of gloomy prophecies around the same time, from all corners, to happen or pray against.

Daddy Freeze loves despondent likelihoods. If any actual true preacher is influenced by Daddy Freeze, an enemy of the Church, to do or say anything – that is a really bad place to be.

He also hated on the Hallelujah Challenge saying things have been worse since it started, but what link have that – got to do – with the economy?

He recently praised a woman for her conversion to Islam. He often speaks glowingly of the Islamic Faith – probably just to court rich Muslims in Nigeria but nobody wants a part in his chicane. He once praised Mahershala Ali’s Oscar win ‘as his Muslim’ brother – and attacked Christianity, as usual.

Outside bloggers, who publish everything he says on social media, Daddy Freeze has no major open supporters. People, everywhere, who champion certain causes and really make sense get elite supporters because of the change they envision, but Daddy Freeze has no good or original ideas. He attacked VP Osinbajo on Twitter, after saying they have handled Nigeria to God, with same the response that has been online for weeks – without credit to the source.

His best idea seems to be a challenge to lift someone poorer out of poverty, but it is not the responsibility of any individual to lift any other individual out of poverty. “Nobody owes you anything” as Nigerians love to say, so, it is plainly not the responsibility of the Church either.

He once said RCCG should convert branches to factories and schools, so they won’t have to fast or pray. OK. But why not develop a model – if you’re really smart – for managers in those lines of work on how they can expand and be more affordable. His unsolicited worthless advices are sometimes funny, angering, or you just feel sorry for him. True Churches are personal places for Hope and Faith.

Yes, Pray for Nigeria

No matter who says don’t, no matter how much prayer is ridiculed, please pray. The people with knowledge who do nothing or those with resources who add nothing to genuine development are to blame not prayers. Prayer was not why Super Eagles lost; neither is praying the reason a tanker burned or the reason for northern violence. If you feel prayers are not useful, don’t pray, but imposing that on others is crass.

People also sometimes pray in faith, for situations, out of control. If you really have massive knowledge and won’t pray, you can model real ones for genuine solutions, and pass on to those you know might add it to their work for useful development.

The failures of President Buhari and VP Osinbajo have shown that president and vice president can be replaced but changes may still not come to Nigeria. So those with real and actual useful knowledge should lead from whatever they are doing that could have true relevance to development.

For those who understand, always remember [Romans 12:12, rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing steadfastly in prayer].

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