Read What “Wicked” Lagos Lady Did After Offering Ride To Man

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A lady, Bimbo Olagunju has disclosed how she was forced to drop a man she offered a ride after he expressed discomfort being driven by a lady.

Taking to Twitter, Olagunju said the man was enroute Obalende from Yaba on Tuesday morning and she offered to give him a ride in her car.

“Just as we’re approaching Alagomeji, uncle asked me if he can drive. Said he’s not comfortable being driven by a woman.

“I parked and told him to come and take the wheel. Once he got down, I just zoomed off. Arrant nonsense,” she said.

See tweet:

She added, “Funny thing is the guy is quite young. He can’t be more than 25. How can someone that young have this sort of mentality?

“I actually did not think that the guy could have wanted to get away with my car at the time. Now that I think of it though, that’s a big possibility. We need to be careful out there. These thieves now have different ways of operating.”

Many commentators also supported her action, saying the man could have hatched a plan to steal her car.

Read comments monitored by our reporter on Twitter:

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