Reasons why Ginger is very important for a Long healthy Life

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Ginger is one of the most commonly consumed dietary condiments in the world. It has been revered as a culinary and medicinal spice in many traditional cultures. It is also a very powerful remedy with numerous proven benefits.

I will be giving you some major benefits of ginger and why it should become part of your daily meal.

1. IT HELPS MANAGE BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS: most times, we tend to get light headed, this is usually due to low blood sugar, probably due to lack of eating the right food. This problem can be solved by simply added ginger to your food, this will instantly give you strength.

2. RELIEF OF GAS: for those that release gas uncontrollably, or at an increased rate, ginger is your best friend.People tend to get shy because of the release of gas , but drinking a cup of ginger tea will help clear your digestive system .

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3. WEIGHT LOSS; Drinking a cup of ginger thing first thing in the morning and last thing to bed can help with the weight loss, it speeds up metabolism, thereby breaking down food at a faster rate. It aids burning of excessive fat.

4. BOOST NUTRIENT ABSORPTION : when you eat, your body does not absorb all the nutrients present in the food, adding ginger in your food helps your body to absorb more nutrients than it would on a regular day, thereby improving your total well being.

5. IMPROVES BLOOD FLOW: Ginger helps to improve blood flow, by mildly thinning of the blood. This allows the blood to circulate more freely round the body and also helps with head aches.

6. PAIN RELIEF: a cup of ginger tea a day helps reduce inflammation, thereby reducing the feeling of pain. It is usually recommended to women, as a relief for menstrual pain.

7. IMPROVES YOUR BREATH: say no to stinky breath, after eating, drinking a cool glass of ginger can help quench that horrible breath. It is very effective and economical.

8. BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM: struggling with frequent flu?, ginger is your solution. it helps to boost the immune system  by flushing out toxins, and it also kills bacteria which causes us to be sick.

9. UNCLOG SINUSES: say no to a blocked nose, ginger helps clear up your airway, allowing you to breath better, just drink a cup of warm ginger with honey.

10. FIGHTS CANCER: ginger contains 6-ginger-ale which is very beneficial for people suffering from cancer, it helps to fight cancer, thereby giving great relief.


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