Reasons Why You Never Have To Bet On Your Team


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If you are not a professional gambler, and you have bet manytimes, but these many times for your team. I hope that you have already realized that it is a BAD IDEA by this point in your life. If you still have doubts, calm down because right now, we will explain why betting on your team will lead you directly to ruin.

It is one thing to defend your team in a bar conversation or a WhatsApp group, and quite another is to bet on them in each game. So now you know, open your mouth to defend your colors from the rooftops, but also close your wallet and bet with your head.  

Much Information, But from One Side

It is evident when you will bet the information is your best ally if you want one day to have more money than Pablo Escobar had hidden under the mattress. But the information only works if it is like a good, balanced diet, you need a lot of data from the two teams.

Knowing up to the fourth surname of your team’s goalkeeper, that does not mean that they cannot score four goals the next day. So now you know, if you want to bet on your team, you’d better also find out about the rival, or the bookmaker will even keep your underpants.

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Too Many Emotions

A lifetime watching the games, buying the shirts, going to the stadium, collecting the stickers, hanging the posters of the alienations on the wall, and many more memories that you will not forget in 7 lives.

Now stop and think if you think that you can decide with a cool head after all this because the answer is no. “DO NOT!!!!!!” with capital letters, bold, exclamations, and whatever it takes. It would almost be a better idea to make money to plant N5 bills waiting for trees to grow with golden apples, so please less gambling on your team and more cheering.

Whatever You Do, Never Bet Live

Yes, after reading all this, it still seems like a good idea to bet on your team. We only have to ask you one thing. For whatever reason, never, never, and 100 times never bet on your team if you are watching the game. It’s a worse idea than cutting your toenails using a chainsaw, so please don’t get upset that the plan is bound to fail from minute one.


Yes, your team is the best in the world. Better than Madrid of the 3 Champions League Trophies, than Guardiola’s Barça, Maradona’s Argentina, and Cruyff’s mechanical orange. But despite being the best, they will not make you rich betting. They will surely make you lose more money than win it.

So now you know: you only need to cheer your team, but you should never bet. If, after all this, you’re still going to continue betting on your team, at least check their statistics for the next game at Top Bets and choose a good bookmaker.

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