Regina Daniels: The Making of a Nollywood Diva


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Regina Daniels is a household name in Nigeria. This young lady owns hearts of millions in the country and even beyond. If you are reading our post then probably she also has won your heart, or you just want to know more about the girl who makes so many Nigerians crazy. No matter what your purpose is, we would like to tell you the most interesting facts about this young and talented Nollywood star and her path to success.

5 top facts from Regina Daniels biography

  1. Regina Daniels age and a big dream

If you still wonder how old Regina Daniels is, we will disclose this info. The actress was born in 2000, on the 16th of October, so she is seventeen years old. She is pretty young, isn’t she?

Daniels is a popular surname thanks not only to Regina but her mother as well. Regina Daniels mother is Rita Daniels, who is also an actress and the chairwoman of the Delta State Actors Guild. So now it is clear that Regina’s talent is inherited and she has a good example that hard work is also very important to achieve success.

This post about Regina Daniels will open many interesting details from the biography of the star.

The mother of the young actress became a great example for Regina, and the girl from the very childhood had a big dream to become an actress. As we see, her dream came true, and she has gained great success as an actress.

You will be surprised, but Regina Daniels is not only very talented she is well-educated as well. She studied at Hollywood International School and continued her education at Igbinedion University, Benin City.

  1. First steps in the movie industry

Rita Daniels and other members of the family have noticed the talent of Regina and were sure that she would become a successful actress one day.

Regina started her acting career at the very young age, she was just eleven years old, and her mother was supportive at that time and still is. Talent, hard work, great desire, and support of the closest person resulted in a stratospheric success. Despite the fact that Regina is talented and very natural in acting, she knows already that acting is hard work and there is always something to be improved. The girl also showed a great thirst for knowledge.

The first film in which Regina Daniels starred was “Marriage of Sorrow.” After this movie, she became not only popular but earned her first money. As it was reported once by, the first acting fee of Regina was about N10,000!

This movie is not the only one in the filmography of the young actress; she starred in hundreds more creative works (we will talk about them a bit later).

  1. How rich is Regina Daniels now?

You already know how much Regina Daniels earned for her first role. Be sure that these were her first tiny steps in the movie industry. Now her acting fee is fifty times more, so the actress earns at least N500,000 for one film. According to some sources, Regina Daniels net worth now is estimated to be as much as N18 million.

  1. Big heart of Regina Daniels

Regina is also known for her charity work. The young girl cares about people who need help and are not as fortunate as she is. Regina Daniels has created her Charity organization (Regina Daniels Foundation). She shows a great example how to be human and be supportive for those who are in need right now.

  1. Movies of Regina Daniels

Regina starred in more than two hundred creative works, but we will talk only about the most prominent of them. The young actress took part in the following movies:

  • Dumeli in School;
  • Hanging Coffin;
  • Jaja The Great;
  • Plantain Girl;
  • Python Girl;
  • Royal Covenant;
  • Stronger Than The Gods;
  • Tears of Ojiugo;
  • The Bat-Man;
  • The King and The Python;
  • Traditional War (Part 1);
  • Wipe of Sorrows.

In the following movies Regina Daniels was a producer:

  • The Jericho;
  • Twins Apart.

She is a rewarded actress and received the following nominations:

  • Most Promising Actress
  • Best Supporting Actress of the Year 2016
  • Best Upcoming Actress of the Year 2017


Hope you have found something new and interesting about this bright star in the Nollywood movie industry. She is young, but very talented and has a big open heart. We hope that the list of her movies and awards will grow year after year, as well as her popularity and love of fans, will grow! We wish Regina Daniels many new creative works and new successes! She is at the beginning of her life and career path and many opportunities are waiting for her!

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