Rescued Thailand Boys Pay Tearful Respect To Dead Navy Seal Diver


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The Thai boys evacuated from the flooded cave have paid their respects to the former Navy Seal diver who died trying to save them.


Knowledge of Saman Kunan’s death was concealed from the 12 youngsters and their football coach who had drowned ahead of their dramatic rescue from the Tham Luang cavern just days ago

Rescued Thailand Boys
The boys in a sober mood as they mourn a fallen hero

His tragic demise prompted the Thai authorities for the need to call back the British cave-diving experts to lead the ‘mission impossible’ to save the boys.

Rescued Thailand Boys
One of the grief-stricken boys covers his face


But now doctors have decided the boys, aged between 11 and 16, are mentally prepared to know what transpired and Kunan’s personal sacrifice for them who died after running out of oxygen in the cramped, waterlogged passageways of the Tham Luang caves in northern Thailand.

”All of the boys who were evacuated from the cave have been informed of the death of one of the rescuers”.

Dr Jesada Chockbamrungsuk, who is in charge of their treatment announced.

All of the boys cried and were in tears when they found out.’

Kunan was awarded the Knight Grand Cross (First Class) of the Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant medal and posthumously promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Rescued Thailand Boys
Saman Kunan in action shortly before his death

The survivors expressed their thanks to the Thai Navy Seal by bowing to his picture.

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