Rescuers in Mexico race against time searching for quake survivors


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Fire-fighters, soldiers, police and volunteers were digging, sometimes with bare hands, in a race against time on Thursday for any survivors trapped in collapsed buildings, as the death toll from a violent earthquake that shook Mexico rose to 250.

Rescuers were hoping that victims could still be found alive within the first three days after the Tuesday disaster.

Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera told newsmen that no fewer than 115 people had died in the capital.

Almost 50 buildings collapsed in Mexico City, including an elementary school where 21 school children and four adults were killed.

Hundreds of volunteers equipped with breathing masks, bicycle helmets, pick axes and shovels helped in the rescue work.

They searched by torchlight overnight for survivors in the heaped concrete of collapsed buildings.

Across the city, tens of thousands of people participated in rescue and relief efforts, including hauling away rubble and caring for the injured and homeless.

The 7.1-magnitude tremor, which seriously damaged about 500 buildings in the Mexican capital, struck on the anniversary of a 1985 earthquake that had killed more than 10,000 people there.

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