Revealed: Former Governor Discloses Who Is behind Saraki’s Trial


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Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim, in an interview with Daily Trust, has revealed that Senator Bukola Saraki’s trial is politically motivated and revealed that politicians from Kwara state are behind it.
Ibrahim, who is the former governor of Yobe state has said that, said because Saraki served as governor for eight years, it was almost impossible for him not to be investigated.

“Well, the Saraki saga is an unfortunate thing. The saga is a saga; it will still continue. The court will definitely make its pronouncement. Whatever the court decides, we will obey. The worst that could happen is to go to the Supreme Court where everything ends. But I can assure you that 99 percent of senators are behind Saraki for the simple reason that we are all human beings, and we do make mistakes.

“When you are a governor for eight years, there is no way you can account for every kobo. So, if anybody wants to investigate you thoroughly, he will find a fault here and there. It may not necessarily be falsehood, or that you intended in a way to harm the economy, or intended to be a financial crime as being speculated.

“It looks like a local political motivation from Kwara. Definitely President Muhammadu Buhari has no hand, and definitely the federal government of Nigeria did not initiate it. It was local politics in Ilorin. People made complaints; they gave the details of what they thought Saraki had and he didn’t declare, that was how EFCC came in and started investigating.”

“You know that there are so many other former governors who are in the same shoes with Saraki; whose trials have been initiated, but they were not publicised like that of Saraki, because he is the Senate president. Almost every former governor in the Senate with the exception of Bukar Abba Ibrahim has one case or the other with the EFCC or CCT.

“It’s not easy to fight corruption especially when it comes to individuals; that is why those of us do believe that corruption can best be dealt with through institutions. Let’s strengthen our institutions, stop giving and taking bribes. Institutional fight of corruption is the best fight we can have as a nation. It has begun, and it will continue for a very long time.

“The negative aspect of corruption is that people take the money outside the country; they will go and spend it elsewhere so that we will all miss the opportunity for development. If they can steal and spend it within Nigeria, Nigerians will benefit, but when they take it out, we will lose as a nation. That is the most terrible aspect of corruption.“

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