‘The Rich Should Provide Food For The Poor’- Ayo Makun


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Nigerian comedian, Ayo Makun has advised the rich to give to those in need during this coronavirus period in the country.

He revealed that apart from the pandemic, Nigeria is also suffering high rise in hunger due to the bad economy and lockdown.

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Makun wrote on twitter: “All we keep hearing daily is “STAY AT HOME”.The rich wants the poor to stay home to avoid the spread of Corvid19, but HUNGER VIRUS won’t allow the poor to stay home.We can only control d spread of d virus when the rich helps the poor by providing enough food to stay at home.”

Earlier on, Ayo Makun revealed challenges that celebrities go through when giving to charity.

He noted that celebrities are castigated by the general public when they give privately, saying that they are regarded as stingy people, while they are also tagged as being boastful for publicly announcing their charitable actions.

He added that when companies give back to society and announce it, it’s called “Corporate Social Responsibility”, but when individual celebrities so it, they are shamed for showing off their acts of charity.

He wrote: “The major problem we have concerning the act of giving in Nigeria, are people who lace good thoughts with insults to the detriment of the givers.

“When celebrities give to people in need without letting you know anything about it, you say to them “All you Yeyebrities are busy posting pictures of your houses when your mates are doing a lot to help people who are hungry out there”


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