Road to Grave: Deplorable state of Roads in Offa and the Continued Silence of Those in Power


Who will come to aid Offa? Why should we have deplorable roads when having a responsible government that promised change? First of all, the Kwara state Governor, Abdul Rahman Abdul Rasak
has been doing well especially in terms of the hard economy caused by unprecedented disease (Covid-19) which has destroyed many sectors in the whole country. But, surprisingly, the Kwara state governor is using Covid-19 to pause his good work for the Kwara people. Let it be known that people are not enjoying the social amenities promised, roads are now ways to grave, and people are living hell in Offa!

Offa being among the 16 local governments in Kwara State, which is, arguably one of the most popular
cities in the state premised on the facts of her instincts and contributions to the outside world by her
people are currently being beautified with ugly roads. Offa, like other famous towns, has different
institutions like hospitals, schools, banks, markets, etc. It is common knowledge that for easy
accessibility to places, a good road network is so sacrosanct; good roads enhance the development of
the community in all ramifications but alas, roads full of potholes now surface Offa, which are
tantamount to cause accidents and hinder the development of Offa community and not promoting the
good image of Kwara state.

However, one will feel perplexed and sad seeing roads situated along with important places which are
meant to project the beauty of Offa and also aid transportation to be pitiable conditions – so
devastating. Let me bring to our attention some major roads which are now in demoted conditions and
are being plied by people daily.

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The road adjoining Orita Merin Junction and Unity Bank Junction, along Offa Grammar School (O.G.S)
axis, the potholes on that road are bad and it is necessary to point out that there are three schools
within that area. The number one effect is, it is dangerous for students crossing because motorcyclists
and tricyclists always try to maneuver those potholes at maximum speed, and by doing so, accidents are never far off.

Another road is the one along Idi Ogun which is the federal road – this is nothing but an eye-sore. The road is not only “untarred” but also not motorable because people with cars, motorcycles abandoned the place totally and are passing the other side for the cars that are supposed to be coming which can cause an accident.

Furthermore, roadworthy of mentioning is the one along with the general hospital; from Olomowewe
junction to the U-turn of the general hospital straight to Obanimomo junction adjoining to the Atan-Oba
area. There a lot of negative effects these devastating roads could be causing. These are emergency
roads and potholes along these roads can even make ambulances to turn into coffins because potholes are more or fewer death traps – for collision, for accidents to occur. However, it should be noted that it is not a hidden fact that other roads are also in a similar condition which we might not be cognizant of.

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By and large, it would be laudable for government to set a committee that would help look into the
matter because, without good roads, there would be no development giving birth to the positive affairs
of the people. Although some organizations, youth, and residents have been trying their best to do
some but truth be told, these are only feasible for two to three days, especially during the raining

To turban, all these, people holding the helm of our affairs – government; honorables; dignitaries; and
even stakeholders should come to the aid of Offa and promote the good image of Kwara state. There is an urgent need to protect the lives of our dear Offa people and people living in Offa and her metropolis.

Moreover, it is equally important to appreciate the fact that, what is being done today, would serve as a
legacy – becoming history tomorrow and history will never forget those who do good to save the lives of
the people!

BELLO, Idris Opeyemi is a Student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
He can be reached via: [email protected] or 07068412138

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