Robbers Arrested Sleeping in Stolen Vehicle after Stabbing Owner


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Several Robbers met their Waterloo after they were caught napping in a vehicle they stole some hours earlier.

According to reports the robbers had dispossessed a bolt driver identified as Utibe of his Toyota Corolla vehicle around at Ibeju-Lekki in Lagos.

According to a source close to the victim, @sama_on_point, the Robbers ordered for a ride and stabbed the driver when they got to their destination, before they dispossessed him of the vehicle.

The vehicle however stopped on the way and the robbers decided to spend the night in it. They were still sleeping when Nigerian Police force officers, arressted them and recovered the vehicle.

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According to the friend of the victim who posted on Twitter, the car had a tracker which was used to kill the engine unknown to the robbers.

“This guy below is my friend’s driver. A ride was ordered at about 8:40pm on Sunday, Sept 20, 2020. He arrived at the pickup location just after Lagos Business School at about 9pm. As he started the trip, the 2 guys (riders) stabbed the driver and drove off with the car.

“These 2 criminals below are the riders that stabbed the driver and snatched the car. They drove off to the Ibeju Lekki axis. Unknowing to the criminals, the car had a tracker. The tracker was used to switch off the engine. The fools thought it was fuel.

From the tracker’s voice recording, the car snatchers thought it was fuel shortage. They had no money to buy fuel, so they decided to sleep in the car till morning as it was very late at night. The Police followed the GPS and arrested the criminals sleeping right inside the car!”

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