Roberto Escobar Tries Raising Money to Impeach Trump

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Late Pablo Escobar’s brother, Roberto Escobar, has begun to raise money to fund the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Roberto had created a GoFundMe account in a bid to raise $50 million in donations for his organization, Escobar Inc. However, the account was deleted soon after it was launched.

On the account, Escobar wrote that he is, “holding dirty secrets of President Trump, his family, and associates.”

Another part of the page states:

Pablo Escobar is a South American, also known as ‘Latino,’ legendary hero, who helped millions of people in his home country of Colombia and surrounding countries.

With the strong leadership of his company Escobar Inc., founded by his brother Roberto Escobar, we will push hard to get Donald Trump impeached.

So far, everything Pablo and his family have done has become multi-billion-dollar successful ventures.

Roberto Escobar Tries Raising Money to Impeach Trump

Global News then had an interview with Escobar and asked him for the reason he wants Trump to impeach Trump.

In his response, he said, “His discrimination of the Latino American people. We are some of the hardest-working people in the world. Trump is 100-per-cent corrupt and colluding with foreign governments. Trump is like a Chihuahua dog — small and cute but doesn’t know how to bite. I am good at biting.

“Escobar also told Global News that he believes the GoFundMe campaign will not only help the United States but the rest of the world as well.”

He continued, “It will help the world. I am going to eliminate Trump from power. I will do it. My brother Pablo killed hundreds of judges and thousands of policemen. But this time we will do it the legal way, peacefully.

“I know there is enough dirt on this guy. If we pay the right connections, they will come forward and testify in Congress and co-operate with Robert Mueller.”

On whether he wants a worldwide donation, he said, “Yes. The goal is that anyone in the world that feels that Trump should be removed goes and donates right now to the campaign.

“Once we raise the $50 million, we believe we have an incredibly high chance of getting Trump removed swiftly from being the president. He has done a lot of wrong and should be held accountable. But of course, it costs money to go against a powerful guy like Trump.”

Escobar later expressed his distaste for the US president, stating that no one was as bad as he is.

He lamented, “He is the worst cockroach in history. Cockroaches don’t die easily but when they do, they do it on their backs with their feet up and intimate parts exposed. Remember that I said that.”

Before he was imprisoned in 1993, Roberto used to be an accountant an co-founder of Medellin Cartel. He was left partially blinded and deafened after he was attacked with a letter bomb while serving his sentence. Since his release, Escobar has written a number of books and is currently one of the founders of Escobar Inc.

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