Ruiz demands 40 million Pounds in rematch with Joshua

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Andy Ruiz, the newly crowned heavyweight champion who defeated Anthony Joshua against all odds, has demanded the sum of 40 million pounds if he fights against the British boxer again.

In their last match, Ruiz was able to scoop away Joshua’s IBF, WBA, and WBO titles at the Madison Square Garden, meaning, he’ll not be as interested in having a rematch as Joshua.

But luckily for the loser, there was a rematch clause on the contract signed before the match, hence, he would ideally want to reclaim his lost belts and titles.

Since the show’s promoter, Eddie Hearn actioned the clause last Tuesday, there have been disagreements over where the rematch would take place.

While Eddie proposed the UK is a natural ground for Joshua, Ruiz and his management have insisted that the fight should take place either in the USA, or Mexico.

Ruiz demands 40 million Pounds in rematch with Joshua

Ruiz was later forced to give the condition of parting with 40 million Pounds if the other party insists that the fight must take place in the United Kingdom.

Reacting to the ongoing disagreement between both parties, Ruiz, in an interview conducted by FightHype, said, “Yes as they say November or December.

“Right now, my team, they’re negotiating everything right now. I’ve just got to stay busy, stay healthy and be ready for the rematch.

“I would love it to be here in the United States or in Mexico you know. It all depends on the team and what they negotiate.”

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